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What is your Return Policy?

What is your Return Policy?

Trademarkcommerce.com - Return Policy

At Trademarkcommerce.com, we realize that all sales may not be final.  Returns will be accepted within 30 days of receipt of goods.

To initiate a return it is mandatory to contact our office either by phone or email to have a product authorized for return.   NO RETURNED PRODUCTS WILL BE PROCESSED without prior authorization from our office.

As the merchant, you are responsible for processing your customersí returns.   Please do not have your customers call us directly for return processing.    In the event that an End User contacts our office, we will direct them to contact their point of purchase (YOU)  to process any returns.  

Please make yourself familiar with our return policy and be sure it is in sync with the return policy posted to your customers.  

As a retailer, you may want to go beyond the TrademarkCommerce.com Return Policy as a competitive advantage:   For example, you may elect to offer your customers a 60 day return policy.  Since we honor returns for 30 days, any refunds or exchanges outside of 30 days would be your responsibility to fulfill.  So we are not asking you to post our return policy directly to your customers, only to understand what our commitment is as the wholesale supplier.   Our margins as a wholesale supplier are limited, but you as a retailer may have the versatility to do more for the end user.  So we do not want to take away your versatility, but we want you to understand the limit of our commitment.

The packing slips that accompany all shipped orders include the following message on the bottom of the slip in reference to any potential returns:

Thank You for your order, we appreciate your business!

Please refer to our posted Return Policy for details on our Return Procedure.

Since the packing slip bears your company name, the customer will be directed to your posted return policy for direction on your return procedure.   We highly recommend that you post a clear Return Policy to your customers.   You can then contact us to authorize a return if need be.


Below are some guidelines to follow for returns: (Modified 5-12-2011)

    1. All returns must be received within 30 days of the order being shipped.
    2. Customized chips of any kind cannot be returned.
    3. Anything returned from buyer's remorse will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. This fee can not be waived.
    4. We cannot accept opened DVDís, Copag or KEM cards. They cannot be resold and will not be refunded.
    5. If a customer receives defective merchandise, they can only exchange it for a similar product of equal or lesser value.
    6. If a product is returned from buyers remorse, a 15% restocking fee will be charged.   If you are returning a product that is defective or incorrectly shipped for a refund, then you will be refunded for the cost of the item only. 
    7. If a product arrives damaged, Trademarkcommerce.com must be notified immediately. Once we are notified, a claim will be placed with the corresponding shipping company. Once the claim has been resolved, the customer can then get a replacement, or a refund.
    8. Opened poker chips, or Paulson Chips that are returned, will receive a 25% restocking fee (no exceptions).  Any chips returned will have a 15% restocking fee even if they are not opened.
    9. If your customer ordered the wrong item and returned it for a different item, you will be charged a restocking fee and shipping fee's and will be refunded less those fees.  Then you may place another order for what your customer would like.



All Freight orders must be inspected BEFORE the END USER accepts the shipment.   If damage is not discovered or noted and a shipment is accepted and signed for then TrademarkCommerce.com is not responsible for replacing the product. Signing for a shipment without noting damage on the Bill of Lading is stating that the shipment was free from damage and in perfect condition. ALL Freight deliveries must be inspected, no matter how large the order or product is. There are no exceptions to this policy.



Refunds of any kind will only be issued to you the merchant and then it will then be your responsibility to refund the end user. You will be refunded in the same manner of payment of which you paid originally. For example, if the order was placed with a Visa card then it will be refunded to that same Visa credit card.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for returns to be processed. If you feel like a return has taken longer than 2 weeks, please contact our office for any questions you may have. Trademarkcommerce.com reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are shipping USPS (U.S. Postal Service) you MUST purchase our optional insurance otherwise we are not responsible for broken or lost items. 

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