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About Us

Trademarkcommerce.comis an online wholesale distributor serving the mass market community and beyond. Featuring thousands of brand name items, We have the products and service that you need to become a major player in the retail world!

Trademarkcommerce.com has everything you're looking for at the prices you need to be a major player in the retail world!

Our 300,000 square foot Midwest United States warehouse maintains a large amount of inventory of thousand of items at the pricing you need to be profitable in today’s competitive markets.

All products we offer are stocked in our warehouse. We do not utilize other warehouses in order to make it appear we have thousands of items to offer. We own and stock every product offered.

Our product range is vast. We offer products in the following major categories that include tools, electronics, housewares, home décor, sporting goods, toys, automotive, general merchandise, home and garden, outdoors, collectibles and more. There are hundreds of products in each category.

Each product has a full written description, pictures, weight, shipping sizes, and inventory level available to our clients so you can use them for your marketing efforts.

New products are introduced daily. You can request a list of these new products using our product reporting tool.


Trademarkcommerce can provide your quick bulk product service to your distribution centers and/or store fronts. We have the capabilities to fulfill to all your distribution centers or direct store shipments. Please inquire about these services.


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Once you try our drop shipping service, you will see our service is superior. We offer:

  • Online real time inventory feeds
  • Real time shipping reports
  • Email notification to you and your customers (if desired)
  • New Product Updates
  • Personalized Online Drop Shipping Interface*
  • Toll Free Customer Service
  • Corporate Account Managers
  • Same Day Service
  • Return Services
  • Low Product Pricing
  • Defined Shipping Rates
  • Blind Shipping (Our identity will remain hidden from your customers)

* Personal Drop Shipping Interface gives you the ability to review all aspects of your drop shipping business with us. You can track shipments, review sales, lookup prior orders, check our inventory levels, place bulk orders, check on product specials and the list goes on. You will see we try to give you all the information at your fingertips so you can succeed in your business ventures.

Our inventory levels are posted on our site.  We also have live inventory feeds so you can utilize the latest data transfer technology to keep your business inventory offerings current.  Please inquire with your account manager for a full list of all technology available to you.

We welcome visits to our warehouse from all our vendors.  We want you to feel comfortable when you partner with us to grow your business.  If you wish to visit, please request a visit from your account manager.

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Be a part of Trademarkcommerce.com and be a part of SOMETHING GREAT!

Contact Info: Trademarkcommerce.com, Inc.
5401 Baumhart Rd
Lorain,OH 44053
United States
Telephone: 1-800-218-0104
Fax: 440-960-7208
Email: Info@Trademarkcommerce.com

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