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CLOSE OUT: CHESS SET - 2/19/2009 4:18:49 PM


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Ministers™ Chess Set - Standard Chess with a Twist!!

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Ministers™ Chess Set - Standard Chess with a Twist!!
    Item #: 12-6072
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    MINISTERS™ Chess is a symmetric chess that employs a 9x9 board and 36 chess pieces. Each player has 1 king, 2 ministers (queens), 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks and 9 pawns. The two ministers flank the king, eliminating its conventional chess bishop-side weakness. 

    MINISTERS™ is a larger, dynamic, fascinating and more open game. In MINISTERS™ due to the larger 81-squares board, 17 squares more than the conventional chess 64-squares board, the range of attack of the pieces is increased, and more elaborate manoeuvres can be executed where an army can even encircle the other. The Third Edition includes:

    • Rigid Folding Board (19-1/2"x19-1/2")
    • -9x9 MINISTERS CHESS pattern on one side
    • -8x8 conventional chess pattern on the other
    • Additional Vinyl Roll-Up 9x9 MINISTERS CHESS board (19-1/2"x19-1/2")
    • MINISTERS CHESS cloth bag 12"x7" to carry your
    • Tournament Sized Chess Pieces (King 3-3/4" Pawn 2")

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