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Trademark Log-In Tutorial - 7/16/2008 4:19:32 PM

Trademark Commerce Quick Tutorial

Hello and Welcome to Trademarkcommerce.com! With thousands of products, ordering and shipping options, it can be quite a daunting task to understand everything that our web interface has to offer to all of our accounts instantaneously. This guide is comprised of easy, step by step explanations of how you can begin immediately taking advantage of all the products and services we offer you.

Step 1: Logging in

After speaking with your sales representative, you should receive an email containing brief descriptions of the services that Trademark Commerce offers you along with your user login email and temporary password. If you haven’t already received this information from your sales representative, this email will contain the important details that you will need to login to your account. When you have this information, you simply log on to http://www.trademarkcommerce.com. At the homepage, you will click on the "Log In" link. There, you will be directed to enter the account details given to you by your representative. Now, you will be logged into your account.

Step 2: Products, Products, Products

After you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Homepage. You should now have the ability to view our entire catalogue with prices as well as up to date inventory levels for all items. We’ve specifically designed Trademark Commerce so that our clients and customers always have our products immediately at their disposal just as you would in a Web Store. Similarly, you can browse all of our products by our categories and subcategories on the left-hand side. The idea behind a web store design is to incorporate the most user friendly interface possible for our customers, without compromising details. This is great to browse our catalogue and familiarize yourself with our products, and if you have not already done so, decide on which products you would like to use for your website.

Step 3: Accessing our Product Information

Often times, using a dropshipper can be a time consuming, complicated matter. We’ve designed our website and our sophisticated system to relieve the stress and hassle of many of the processes that eat away from our customers’ time. Time that could be spent on other integral parts and processes such as marketing, processing, and management. Here is a quick list of directions on how to access and use all of our information on your website.

Our Merchant Interface has been designed as a central location so that you can view your orders, process your orders, obtain and view product information and images, view updated inventory along with so much more. To view your Merchant Interface simply click "My Account" next to your name on any page.

Product Descriptions

Once you have decided on which categories or individual products that you are using for your website or web store, you can access our product information. On the Merchant Interface page, there is a section categorized "Product Information".

By Clicking on "Download Products", you are brought to a screen that makes all of our categories and subcategories visible. From here you can choose which categories you would like to download. By holding down the "shift" button you can download more than one category. You will then begin a download of a .csv file. This file can be read in Microsoft Excel in a spreadsheet format. This file contains Product Codes, Descriptions, Titles, Suggested Retail Prices, Your Price, Three sizes of images to browse, a current inventory count, and many more details you will find useful. This file can be used in many web builder applications that allow you to construct a web store around similar files.

Alternatively, for individual product information, there is a convenient search box on the Merchant Interface Page under product Information. This will generate a similar file with the specific product code requested.

We realize that an important detail of managing your web store is keeping up to date inventory. This enables improved Customer Service and less time consuming inquiries. From the Merchant Interface page, under product information, you can access updated inventory levels one of two ways.

By clicking on "Download Inventory", you will be able to download a .csv or .xml file that can be used for your website. This file is updated at least once a day, and keeps you up to date on which items and products are running low, are updated back in stock, and are out of stock. Along with frequent email reminders, we always keep our clients up to date our inventory levels.

By clicking on "Real-Time Inventory Feed", you can use this feed as syndication for your website with .xml. This feed is updated every 2 hours, every day of the year. There are many useful programs, applications and services offered by 3rd party companies that detail and configure .xml and syndication for web store and is worth consideration because of it’s time saving qualities and accuracy.

Accessing Our Product Images

There are two ways to access our product’s images. In the Product Description File, there is a link to 3 different sizes of images for each of our products. You are welcome to source these images from our server onto your web site. However, for many web sites that use us as a blind drop shipper, it is inconvenient to link back to our website directly. If you would like to right click on these images and "save as" you are more than welcome to save and upload these images to your server. However, if uploading multiple items, this process may be very time consuming.

Conveniently, we have FTP capabilities set up to obtain images in bulk quickly. For those not familiar with FTP, it can be used to exchange files over a network quickly and efficiently.

To access our FTP Site. a customer could use many of the FTP programs available such as cuteFTP or smartFTP and type in the address into their program. However, a customer may use Internet Explorer to access ftp addresses. Please contact your representative for these details. Once you have access to this you will have the ability to download multiple product images quickly. If you have any problems accessing this database, please contact your representative to help you troubleshoot your problem.

Placing an Order

When you are ready to place an order, you can do so after logging in and shopping our website as you would a store, then checking out. We accept many forms of payments including most major credit cards, Paypal, checks, and money orders. When placing an order, it is very important that you have accurate and correct shipping destinations for your products. This can alleviate much of the stress that can arise from inaccurate shipping times and incorrect locations. For special instructions, please contact your representative.

Hopefully these abbreviated explanations have helped you begin to debunk many of the preconceived complications of using our drop shipping services. Having an array of options and services is beneficial, and with our help, it will be hassle free.

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