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9 Steps To Effective Small Home Business Marketing - 2/20/2007 5:26:38 PM

The goal of the marketing campaign is simply to get your message to the target group in the clearest way possible.
Effective copy is fundamental for the success of any marketing material. For a marketing piece to be effective, it only needs to contain the following elements:

1. Wake up their attention!
Fight for their attention with a powerful headline that has a lot of emotion! Depending on your product or service, and your target audience, your headlines should promise them one of two things about small home business: Promise to take them away from their problem or promise to bring them towards better times.

Think about your target market, what's their state of mind? Are they more likely to take action to gain pleasure? What is the heart of small home business?

2. Build their trust in what they are doing now!
Now you have got their attention. For you to keep your small home business prospects full attention, so they will continue to pay attention to your message, they need to ask:

Are they getting the best possible service or product for their money? Are they doing enough? Are they doing the best they can?

3. Build their confidence on you!
You have to prove you have the solution to their problem. You have got to convince the prospect that you are good at small home business issue and that you are qualified to solve their problem.

Show them how your product is something they can count on to do what you promise.

4. Advertise your small home business service!
You may be the best at what you do or have the best product but if your prospects can not get a hold of you when they need you, how valuable are you? Here are some examples: you must have 24/7 online service with very personal touch.

5. Address and Overcome the prospectís objections
It makes no difference what business you are in. There will always be objections to buying what you are selling.
Most often the biggest objection is the price. You should confront them head on by explaining why it is worth paying your price. You need to put their fears to rest before they will be ready to buy.

6. Remove the obstacle of risk with your Guarantee
Most people associate the strength and the length of the guarantee with the quality of the product. It can make or break the sale, the longer your guarantee the better your chance of making a sale. In small home business the most used guarantee is money back in certain times.

7. Roll in the testimonials
What others say about your small home business carries much more weight than what you say about yourself. Make sure you testimonial addresses a problem your customer had and how they benefited by your product or service.

8. Make it easy to contact you
Provide your small home business prospects a reason to contact you and makes it safe and easy to do. The easiest thing is to offer a free consultation or demonstration. This type of an offer appeals to the consumer's curiosity and at the same time minimize the risk to them.

9. The Win - Win bonus pile-on
Offer Special Bonuses and discounts for those who act now! Your customers win by getting a special value that they normally would not get.

And you win by making a sale for your small home business. You have to make them think about how much value they are getting for their money.

I can promise you this: if you follow these instructions I have just presented to you, you will immediately increase your response rates and ultimately your sales.
About the Author
The author, Juhani Tontti, is a full-time internet marketer.

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